Intriguing light fixture that casts branchy shadows on walls

Дизайн подвесного светильника с ветвями

The unusual Forms in Nature lamps, created by Danish designers from the studio Hilden Diaz, turn an ordinary average room into an impenetrable forest thicket.

Подвесной светильник с ветвями. Фото 1

The idea for the series was inspired by the Darwinian Ernst Haeckel. Made of high quality plastic, the chandeliers give a completely different flair to any apartment design.

Подвесной светильник с ветвями. Фото 2

Not only are the shades of these lamps superb in their naturalness, the chandeliers themselves are like works of art. Ornate details allow the eye to glide smoothly over them, forcing the imagination to finish drawing one or the other plots.

Подвесной светильник с ветвями. Фото 3
Подвесной светильник с ветвями. Фото 4

The sculptural design of this interior detail depicts a tree with roots twisted and intertwined in a random way, or spreading bushes..

Подвесной светильник с ветвями. Фото 5

The reflection of the relationship between our world and the invisible world is embodied in a series invented by Danish designers. Extraordinary shadows are the strong point of this talented duo.

Подвесной светильник с ветвями. Фото 6

The intensity and saturation of the cast shadows depends on the design of each individual instance.
Enveloped in twisting branches that meet in its path, light is refracted and allows the room to be completely transformed. Shadows creeping along the wall create a mood of enveloping mystery. Depending on the intensity of lighting, the room becomes either framed by mighty branchy trees from a fairy tale, or touched by their barely perceptible silhouettes.

Подвесной светильник с ветвями. Фото 7

If you want to add variety to the boring and boring projects of modern apartments, you can just hang a lampshade that casts a shadow on the motives of the forest and wildlife. The unsolved mystery of these non-repetitive sketches of wildlife will thrill you every time you turn on the light..

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