Choosing an original patterned lampshade

Оригинальный абажур в черно-белый горошек

Nothing transforms a home like good lighting, and nothing decorates a lamp like an original lampshade or an exquisite ornament on a plafond.

Our tips will help revitalize your living space!

Motif repetition in decor

An expressive, stylized floor lamp print fills the living room with color, depth and texture. Following the rule of three, the pattern is repeated in the cushions and ottoman textiles. The image would seem unbalanced without the last component, which carries the main motive to the opposite end of the room..

Торшер с интересным принтом в интерьере гостиной
Inclusion of different-sized drawings

A sure and reliable way to create a harmonious decor is to combine different shapes and volumes. The blanket and curtains in the photo are decorated with a large pattern, while the geometry of the lampshade seems almost invisible, proving that a lamp with an interesting decoration has a right to exist in a real masculine interior.

Настольная лампа с принтом в интерьере спальни

The almost jewelry size of the damask ligature on the chandelier shades compensates for the sweeping black and white stripes on the curtains.

Шикарная подвесная люстра в интерьере столовой
Combining design elements

Black accents throughout the room, including floor lamp stands, balance the bold carpet pattern and neutral wall palette. Custom-made lampshades with traditional suzane decoration are a miniature projection of a design scheme based on a mix of black and red, coral and pink..

Торшеры с принтом в интерьере гостиной

Such a vibrant office space should inspire creativity! A hypnotic table lamp ornament and an abstract canvas on the wall unite all the colorful pieces. The white base would simply dissolve into the surface of the countertop, if it were not for this stunning hood, which can be safely called a work of art.

The orange-covered book underneath keeps the white details from blending in. Ice-tinted walls provide a contrasting backdrop for warm tones.

Яркие настольные светильники
Adding charm to neutral decor

The sand color softly envelops the bedroom, and the lampshades fit perfectly into the color scheme. Vegetable elements with bright red accents destroy the neutral monochrome of the interior, so that it does not appear faded.

Шикарная люстра в интерьере спальни

An elegant lamp would look very dull against the backdrop of white furniture and curtains, if not for the spectacular decor. An oversized plant print slightly flirts with the floral motifs of the pillows. What a pleasant warm light that must be coming from her at night!

Настольная лампа в интерьере гостиной
Combination of expressive drawings

Black and white motifs instantly enliven the cold palette of the bedroom, adding volume. Stripes added to counterbalance wall photos, Roman graphic curtains, and the grandiose red chair.

Полосатые настольные лампы в интерьере спальни

See how the striped table lamps have complicated the living room? The room looks cold and calm, with subtle black and white lines elegant and sophisticated. They are echoed by the chess pattern of the flooring.

Настольный полосатый светильник в интерьере гостиной
Create an image

Isn’t it hard to imagine the usual white lampshades against the background of this old map? They would completely destroy all the charm! But the tea shade of textiles completes the image of the living room, which, apparently, is home to travel lovers..

Шикарные настольные лампы с принтом в интерьере

Bright colors and natural motives define the character of the interior. The lamp echoes with them: it seems as if peacocks are dancing in a flowering meadow, the palette of which is borrowed from the tails of these royal birds.

Настольная лампа с принтом в интерьере спальни
Adding a portion of color and pattern

These oversized lampshades with insane mustard planting are a luxurious addition to the classic white kitchen look. The spring freshness of the motif goes well with the sky blue glazed volcanic stone countertop.

Подвесные люстры с ярким принтом в интерьере кухни
Bringing the effect of surprise

The gold tones of the painting on the wall and the zigzag lines of the lamp are borrowed from «an adult» style and transferred to the mint-colored nursery. The ornament is combined with the base, and not with the surrounding girlish entourage. In truth, a pastel shade would look odd on a bronze base. The focal point is a painting that brings together the entire gamut of shades.

Настольная лампа в интерьере спальни
Intrigue with subtle patterns and texture

If you first decided to purchase an original plafond, choose the one that merges as much as possible with the overall decor. The table lamps on either side of the bed flirt with neutral tones. Color-matched curtains and carpet keep the bedroom serene and calm, while the bed with its curly headboard and colorful pillows is the center of attention.

Шикарная подвесная люстра в интерьере спальни

Key elements of the composition are cowhide armchairs and a rug with graphic spirals in a colonial style. Other elements, including driftwood base lamps and richly textured lampshades, play a supporting role. It’s hard to say what kind of material is in front of us (cork, ramie?), But it perfectly complements the natural look.

Шикарные настольные лампы в интерьере гостиной

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