Concept chair by Enrico Bressan echoes nature

Chair in the form of a cactus of various colors

Artecnica co-founder and Italian architect by trade Enrico Bressan has finally improved his creation – the Kaktus chair.

Chair – cactus flower

This masterpiece gives the impression of a sturdy and durable construction, while at the same time it is made from a polished secondary aluminum base, which gives it lightness and weightlessness..

It is ideal both for creating an interior touch inside the room and for ennobling a personal plot..

The furniture designer drew his unsurpassed inspiration from the interesting tree-like plant, after which the project is named. Many thorns in the kH Cholla family intertwine and branch out like antlers. This shrub grows mainly in the Sonoran Desert..

The entire artistic composition is made in various shades. Our visitors can see silver, yellow, blue and red seats to match the multi-colored fruits of these plush cacti.

The author’s architectural work has received numerous awards. All his creativity will be an excellent interpretation in modern interior design.

Future owners will appreciate the magnificent appearance of the chairs and their functional features..

Cool cactus chair

Wonderful chair in the form of a cactus with decorative elements against the wall

The original design of the cactus chair

Chic cactus chair on the table

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