House-container with an area of ​​only 29.7 sq. meters

The Intellectual Tiny Home – a house built from a container.

The California-based designer used his experience to create his own home. He used an old shipping container as the basis for his future home. After some time, the designer received a small but functional house with an area of ​​29.7 square meters..

The Intellectual Tiny Home – 29.7 square meters.

Space in The Intellectual Tiny Home correctly zoned. In the corner there is a double bed and a wardrobe. There are two armchairs in the center, and opposite – an electric fireplace, which not only creates a cozy atmosphere, but also functions as a heater.

The Intellectual Tiny Home. Kitchen.

The kitchen area includes a full-size refrigerator, induction hob, microwave, dishwasher and extendable worktop. Wall cabinets have enough space to fit all your kitchen utensils.

The Intellectual Tiny Home. Bathroom.

The bathroom is equipped with a sink, compost toilet, shower and washing machine.

The Intellectual Tiny Home – container house.

At the moment, the container house is located on a plot of land in Longmont (Colorado, USA). The cost of building such a house was 62 thousand US dollars..

The Intellectual Tiny Home is only 29.7 sq. meters.

Danish architects Arcgency also used shipping containers as the main material. They designed a residential house WFH House, which consists of three containers. The construction technology is so simple and effective that it takes very little time to build it..

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