Design of a small living room: ideas for the correct organization of space

Examples of the design of tiny living rooms.

In the new author’s review dedicated to the interior, examples of the correct organization of free space in a small living room were collected. We hope that the options offered in the photo will help you to make your home even better than it is now. In the end, there is always something that can be brought to mind.

1. Living room interior

Living room interior in light gray tones visually enlarges the room.

2. Striped carpet

Striped carpet will expand the space of the guest room.

3. Bright yellow accents

Bright yellow accents visually enlarge the space.

4. Pillows with patterned pillowcases

Bright original accents will dilute the interior of the white living room.

5. Mirrors in the living room

Symmetrical placement of mirrors in the living room will expand the horizons of the room.

6. Delicate pastel colors

Delicate pastel colors in the living room will create a cozy atmosphere.

7. Black and red accents

A tiny living room can be visually expanded with black and red accents.

8. Contrasts in the interior

Living room decoration with contrasting walls will expand the space.

9. Brick wall

A brick wall creates a cozy atmosphere in the living room, while bright accents increase the area.

10. Interior of a tiny living room

The correct selection of furniture will create comfort in a small living room.

11. Stripes in the interior

Increasing the living room space is possible due to the correct use of stripes in the interior.

12. Modern living room design

The limited area in the living room should be organized as comfortably as possible.

13. Light interior

With the help of a light palette, the area of ​​the room visually increases.

14. White and gray living room

The interior of the tiny living room is organized in white and gray tones and transformed by lighting.

15. Minimalism of the square

An interesting solution to decorate the interior of a living room with a tiny area thanks to the skillful selection of furniture.

16. Deep shades

Incredible deep shades of green in a tiny living room.

17. Bright and warm living room

Bright and warm living room with catchy touches.

18. Living room with mirrors

Delicate tones in the living room and large mirrors will make the interior incredible.

19. Turquoise tones in the living room

Small living room decorated in turquoise colors.

20. Dark strokes

Dark touches will dilute the light atmosphere of the living room..

21. Convenient compact interior

If you replace large furniture with a small one that is no less comfortable, this will save space..

22. Studio zoning to save space

To save space, it is possible to combine the living room and dining area into a studio room.

23. Visual increase in space

A large mirror can visually enlarge even the smallest living room.

24. Bright living room with dark touches

A bright living room with dark touches visually magnifies with light.

25. Minimalism

The minimum number of items in the room and light colors will visually increase the living room.

26. Zoning space

It is possible to combine rooms if their area is small.

27. Organic palette

A palette of five colors, easily highlight the mood of the living room.

28. Small living room

A small living room with an original large pouf can easily replace a coffee table.

29. Living room in light gray tones

Bright living room in white and gray tones and an accent on a wooden cabinet.

Making a living room with a small area is a very creative process. In addition, it is worth paying special attention to 28 cool design ideas for the world’s best small living room.

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