How to decorate an attic bedroom

The attic in a private house is a rather romanticized place where, most often, it is the bedroom that is equipped, because the atmosphere and location of the room under the roof itself contribute to rest, relaxation and some detachment from the everyday bustle.

Nevertheless, when decorating attics, questions arise about how best to equip it, what should be considered first of all, and what to look for to make the room comfortable. How to equip an attic bedroom in our article.

Choosing the purpose of the bedroom

If you decide to organize a bedroom in the attic, you should decide who exactly will live in it.

For people of the age, a bedroom in the attic is not suitable, because daily ascents and descents of stairs will not be easy and, in general, can be fraught with injury.

For example, a room under a roof can be designed for a young or already formed couple. According to psychologists, bedrooms with an extraordinary flavor and interior contribute to maintaining a romantic mood and anxious relationship between spouses for many years..

How to decorate an attic bedroom

The attic can become a room for children, who will definitely be delighted when they receive a separate space for personal use, remote from the vigilant supervision of adults..

How to decorate an attic bedroom

We bring light and warmth

Attic, in other words, «residential loft», is a room prepared for arranging a room. But sometimes in it, nevertheless, heating and insulation systems may not be provided, which should be taken care of in advance..

Insulating walls and ceilings should be the first step in arranging an attic, for this you should lay a layer of insulation under the facing material. In addition, based on who the room is designed for and how many functional zones are defined in it, it is necessary to ensure the wiring of electricity for sockets and lighting fixtures..

How to decorate an attic bedroom

In the cold season, it will be necessary to provide heat in the attic, therefore the installation of an electric fireplace or radiator, the system «warm floor» become necessary in this part of the house.

How to decorate an attic bedroom

We decorate the interior correctly

When the main tasks for arranging the attic are completed, you should proceed to the next stage – the design of the main surfaces: floor, walls and ceiling.

Since the attic ceiling always has a complex shape, due to the peculiarities of the roof, its height is not the same in different parts of the room. The joints of the walls and ceiling, as a rule, are not higher than at a distance of 1.5 – 2 m, and towards the center of the room these indicators double.

Visually «stingrays» ceiling can be perceived hard and as if to put pressure on a person. Therefore, it is recommended not to overload the space above your head with unnecessary decor. For example, it is better to decorate the walls and ceiling in the same color using the same cladding, and if the ceiling is decorated with wooden beams, but it itself is not high, you can paint everything in one light shade, then the visual space will become much easier.

How to decorate an attic bedroom

In order to emphasize the lightness of the attic bedroom, but to make it more voluminous, you can use a contrasting floor covering (the color of dark wood or chocolate). In this case, the room will be perceived higher and more complete, since the dark floor will distract attention from the complex ceiling..

How to decorate an attic bedroom

We install special furniture

When it comes to decorating the attic with furniture, many make the same mistake, installing massive and heavy furniture under the roof, its freestanding items.

So, it is better to use built-in wardrobes, made to order in accordance with the shape of the room and its ceilings, while furniture should occupy space along the wall and from floor to ceiling (with a beveled, semicircular or other silhouette). Then your bedroom will become harmonious and holistic, ergonomic and more spacious..

How to decorate an attic bedroom

In a room with ceilings of different heights, it is not recommended to place beds on high massive legs or with a large headboard. Such furniture will create an even greater illusion of a constrained space. It is better if you install a squat bed, complementing it with a pair of graceful pedestals.

The furnishings are complemented by a compact elongated desk or bureau console, poufs or ottoman, a low coffee table and a rocking chair. Also, among lightweight furniture, you can choose, for example, a recamier couch with carved legs, or a chaise longue, which you put next to the dressing table by the window.

How to decorate an attic bedroom
How to decorate an attic bedroom

Using the window productively

As a rule, more than one full-fledged window is rarely provided in the attic room, so the area near it should be used profitably.

With good daylight, you will ensure your child’s extracurricular work if you install a desk just under the attic window. In addition, the view of the treetops and cozy courtyard (park, forest, river, city in the distance) will contribute to better concentration.

How to decorate an attic bedroom

If daylight is not enough for you in the attic bedroom, you can use a well-known trick and use a mirror to multiply it. To do this, you need to install a reflective surface on the opposite wall from the window so that the window opening is fully reflected in the mirror..

How to decorate an attic bedroom

The area around the window can be used as an area for placing a dressing table, or part of your dressing room to comfortably look after the appearance.

How to decorate an attic bedroom

Good luck!

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