Complex geometry: a house with a brutal concrete facade

Private house in the port city of Busan.

In a South Korean port city Busan an original private house appeared. The concrete facade makes it look like a fortress, and the upper floors of the dwelling resemble the head of an owl with eye sockets.

Moon Hoon Architectural Project.

A relatively recent South Korean architecture firm Moon hoon completed the construction of a private 4-storey building in the port city of Busan (Busan). In developing the building project, the designers tried to translate into reality the idea of ​​a perched owl. Looking at the concrete structure from afar, you can really make out the outline of a bird..

Private house from Moon Hoon. Kitchen.

On the ground floor of the building there are retail space and a parking space. The living quarters (living room, dining room) are located above. The third floor includes an open terrace and kitchen, and the fourth contains the bedrooms.

Private house from Moon Hoon. Sliding doors and wardrobes.
Private house from Moon Hoon. Game Zone.

A counterweight «cold» the concrete facade is finished with natural wood «warm» shades. Considering the fact that the client’s family has a small child, the designers, in addition to the main living spaces, have designed several play areas.

House with complex geometry.
Private house in the port city of Busan.

Moon Hoon architects love to use non-standard geometric lines in their projects. Equally interesting is the Cultural Center «Two moons».

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