For lovers of non-standard recreation: an eco-tent suspended between the trees

Luminair's Tree Tent is a spherical tree tent.

Luminair’s Tree Tent – spherical tree tent.

Fans of eco-recreation will surely like the tent made in the form of a cocoon. The structure was specially fixed between trees in order to minimize its negative impact on the environment and to protect vacationers from unwanted encounters with wild animals.

Architectural project by Luminair.

Luminair architectural project.

It took Luminair three years to design and implement the construction of a spherical tent (Luminair’s Tree Tent), anchored between the trees. As the authors themselves note, the first airships and gliders inspired them to create a tent of this shape. Its diameter is 3 meters, it can comfortably accommodate 2 adults inside.

A tent with a frame made of aluminum and ash wood.

Tent with aluminum and ash timber frame.

The spherical frame of the Luminair's Tree Tent.

Luminair’s Tree Tent Spherical Frame.

The structure is made of aluminum and recycled ash wood. Outside, the tent is covered with a special cotton canvas. In the cold season, woolen liners are also inserted from the inside. In addition, Luminair’s Tree Tent has a wood-burning stove and a water tank. Electricity is generated by solar panels.

A tent with a wood-burning stove.

Tent with wood burning stove.

A tent suspended between trees is an option for those who like non-standard recreation.

A tent suspended between trees – an option for those who like to rest at a different level.

Luminair’s Tree Tent is a very original tent, but not everyone will dare to live in it. Those wishing to find a temporary shelter for recreation will surely like the review of the 14 best tents of 2015.

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