Where to place the podium in the interior

Podiums are a long-loved part of interior decoration. Most often, they are not created initially, but after the fact. That is, they are designed by designers, starting from the location of furniture and objects in the interior, so that the location of the podium itself is somehow reasoned and does not create problems after installation when residents move around their own apartment.

Let’s look at where exactly podiums can be created, what they can be and in which parts of the room it is better to arrange them..

Podium height

The podium is usually made quite low. It serves as a kind of step and its height should be appropriate.

Ideal podium height no more than 15 cm.

If you need more, then it is advisable to break this height into several steps corresponding to ergonomics in order to comfortably climb this podium.

The importance of high ceilings should also be noted. The creation of the podium and niche assumes that you take a certain height from another part of the room. If you do not want to bend over or feel overwhelmed in a room with a low ceiling, then first calculate the final heights, and then make a decision – are you ready to live in a room with a similar ceiling height.

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Podium in the kitchen

A kitchen is often arranged on the podium. It is located at the height of one or more steps. This is especially true when the layout involves a studio, that is, the combined space of the living room, dining room and kitchen, or only the kitchen and living room. In this case, without creating any vertical partitions, you use the floor to arrange the transition of surfaces, thereby clearly identifying the zones.

In the case of creating a podium for the kitchen, you can advantageously beat the joint of different floor coverings – in the living room, parquet boards are most often used, and in the kitchen, ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware are placed on the floor.

Unfortunately, the joints of these two surfaces do not always look perfect, so the podium can come to the rescue. Its uppermost horizontal surface, which is located in the kitchen area, can be enclosed with tiles, and the surface of the main floor with wood.

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Where to place the podium in the interior

Podium in the bathroom area

In the bathroom, the bath itself is most often placed on the podium. Sometimes they even inscribe it inside this podium. Bath – is one of the most beautiful, noticeable and large-sized interior elements in the bathroom. That is why a small pedestal one step high will perfectly fit into the interior of a spacious bathroom. If the podium is high enough, then you can make several steps along which you will climb to it.

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Where to place the podium in the interior
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Where to place the podium in the interior
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Where to place the podium in the interior

Podium in the living room

An unusual solution for decorating a living room can be to create a podium not for the living room itself, but around it, so that it appears as if in a niche. Often this niche is made as high as the back of the sofa, so that the top of this back is flush with the floor of the dining room or kitchen. So you get a lounge area in which sofas stand around the perimeter of this niche. Wide comfortable steps can be placed nearby.

This layout looks very nice and creates an extraordinary atmosphere in the room. But, unfortunately, it is not acceptable for small rooms, because such an arrangement of the back of the sofa flush with the floor of another part of the room implies that very rarely people should walk in this area, ideally «trajectory of movement» should be at least one meter from the back of the sofa, or even further. If the area allows, you can safely embody this technique and be sure that such a layout will not go unnoticed.

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Where to place the podium in the interior
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Where to place the podium in the interior
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Where to place the podium in the interior

Podium in the bedroom

In the bedroom area, the podium is not done so often. Although it is relevant for both large bedrooms and small.

“ Today, adapting to the realities of the modern quadrature of most bedrooms, we can say that it makes sense to make a podium from wall to wall in the foot of the bed.. ”

In this case, you protect yourself from traumatic corners and create an interesting architectural object in the interior. As such, the podium serves as a decorative element..

On the other hand, if you approach the system of organizing the space correctly, you can store quite a lot of things inside the podium, you can fold bed linen, pillows, blankets and other bulky items that take up a lot of space in ordinary wardrobes.

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Where to place the podium in the interior
Where to place the podium in the interior

Podium in the children’s room

In the children’s room, the podium, frankly, is not recommended. This is due to the excessive activity of children and concerns about their safety. If the podium is nevertheless planned, let it be no higher than 15 cm. In the children’s room, both the workplace and the sleeping or play area can be transferred to the podium. As for the nursery or bedroom, this option is more preferable, because it implies concentration and not haste, which cannot be said about the play area.

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Where to place the podium in the interior
Where to place the podium in the interior

Podium in the dining room

A dining table and chairs can be placed on the podium. Think in advance about the dimensions of the dining group so that the chairs can be moved away, and you do not worry about the fact that any of them may fall off the podium.

More often, such podiums serve as a combination of the kitchen and dining area, or dining room and living room..

Only for the dining group, the podium should be mounted if the table is really huge, and you can afford to leave at least two meters around it on each side in order to protect yourself and guests from injuries and bruises.

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Where to place the podium in the interior

The catwalks look quite impressive. They are beautiful, unusual and can decorate any interior. Remember that the most important purpose of the podium is the zoning of space..

If you are still sure that a podium is needed in your apartment, we advise you first of all to think about its design, strengthen it well and, if you wish, leave a storage space in it. These can be drawers, drawers or even a safe mounted inside..

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