Travel home: a dwelling converted from an old bus

The Nomads Bus is a mobile home converted from an old school bus.

While some adventurers buy RVs for their comfort, others are even more creative. Thus, a family of three bought an old school bus for themselves and converted it into a real home. Now we can say that the expression «I carry everything with me» – that’s for sure about them.

Bus converted by married couple Valerie Cook and Tim Boffe.

Spouses Valerie Cook and Tim Boffe bought an old school bus and converted it into a home on wheels (The nomads bus). 10-meter modernized transport has become a real home for travel lovers.

The Nomad House – house on the bus.

The total redesign of the bus cost the married couple $ 32,000. Solar panels are installed on the roof, which fully meet the needs for electricity. From the inside, the case is sheathed with a special insulating material that not only retains heat, but also regulates humidity. In addition, the family tries to minimize carbon emissions..

The Nomad House – house on the bus.

In addition to living space, the bus has enough storage space for sports equipment: surfboards, skis, mountain bikes.

The Nomad House. Sleeping places.

The bus has six comfortable berths, so the spouses are happy to take on board those who want to ride through picturesque places. A night on The Nomad Bus will cost everyone $ 61. The owners allow you to use the kitchen, shower and toilet.

The Nomad House. Kitchen.

The Nomad House. Bus converted into a travel house.

It turned out no less interesting bus alteration option another married couple. The husband and wife did all the repairs themselves.

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