Beautiful summer cottages and country houses: design and style – photo

Many people rest in the country, they turn their plots into places of relaxation and pleasure. So why don’t we do the same, or at least combine the useful with the pleasant. You can make very beautiful front gardens, greenhouses and much more.

At the dacha, you can always feel unity with nature and indescribable peace

Country cottage area
Landscaping of the suburban area

So, in order to create a colorful corner in your garden, you must first decide on the design style. Like interiors, garden plots have different styles.

Nowadays, there are more and more options for decorating a particular space. Therefore, you can find your own design for every taste and wallet..


This is the most common style for summer cottages. The design assumes a rustic focus and a complete exclusion of exotic.

The main principles that characterize this style are slight neglect, here you do not need to carefully look after the garden. This is what gives the garden a peculiar charm. Also an important feature is the many flower beds, among which there may be domesticated wild plants such as the red-leaved plantain or the variegated willow. As a rule, they decorate a country garden with gardener items that are no longer used, they are painted, decorated with flowers, and so on. It is also important to approach business with humor, this is welcome here.

  • Pronounced village focus

Country style
Country style
  • No exotic

  • No exotic
    Beautiful design of the suburban area
  • The design of such a garden should be simple.

    All natural and natural

Colonial style

This is a very popular and common style. The founders of this garden design are American colonists, hence the name. Colonial style is perfect for summer cottages with a small house, where the sunny veranda is covered with ivy. The surrounding area is developed in combination with the architecture of the dwelling. This style does not imply any frills, everything is built from simple materials: boards, bricks. For paths, limestone, wood flooring or wood chips are suitable. All this will create a kind of careless look that characterizes the colonial style. But as for the colors, there can be no question of any negligence and simplicity. Flowers should be bright, fragrant, which makes the landscape gorgeous, pacifying and giving much needed rest. An interesting feature lies in the design of the plants: they are placed in earthen vessels or tubs and create complex figures from them, which can then be easily moved. Also, colonial-style landscaping is decorated with stone or wood sculptures depicting animals and birds. The main attribute here is any body of water, which forms, in fact, a recreation area. The presence of comfortable benches, wicker chairs and a hammock is a must. Since the colonial style characterizes the smooth and measured flow of life, it would be a great idea to install a pergola entwined with flowers.

Landscape design
Landscape design
Landscape design
Landscape design
Landscape design

Forest style

This garden style is also classified as natural or landscape. A sufficient amount of space is required here. The forest style is like a piece of wildlife. In the design of this style, there are no clear shapes, exquisite flower beds or trimmed trees, everything is aimed at displaying a natural ecosystem without the presence of a person. A forest-style garden does not need to be tended carefully, because, as already mentioned, the look should be natural. Accordingly, unpretentious plants are selected, namely those that prevail in a given area. And it goes without saying that no modern materials (plastic) or architectural forms should be here..

  • Forest style offers a lot of space

  • Landscape design
    Landscape design
  • The forest-style atmosphere is always natural

    You feel like you’re in a nature reserve

    Natural forest style

  • The style of landscape design closest to nature

    Forest style

English style

The British founded this style based on an admiration for the naturalness of nature. But there is no neglect or simplicity, on the contrary, the English garden is always well-groomed, neat and clean. But it does not have straight lines, clear or sharp corners, all forms should be smooth, natural, as if they were created by nature itself. English gardens are picturesque hills and neat paths between them, weaving roses on arches, hedges and artificial ponds with the outlines of a natural, curved look.

  • Unmatched conciseness, beauty and respect for nature

  • In the English style, everything should be flawless and natural

    Laconic and graceful

  • This garden enchants with its lightness, unobtrusiveness and natural beauty.

    Simplicity of English style

Japanese style

«all-encompassing tranquility» among the laconic landscape. This style is based on symbols, like all Japanese culture, so all objects and each part of the garden must carry their own specific meaning. The basis of a proper Japanese garden is the change of landscapes, which will accompany the entire walk. It is also important here to create a harmonious addition of individual elements and establish their relationship. The Japanese style is characterized by miniature, tranquility and symbolism. There is no dominant here, all elements are interconnected and complement each other. The most important and sometimes difficult thing in creating such a design is the image of nature in its full format. Moreover, all this should take place in a small area, since the traditional Japanese style of the garden is miniatures made of stones, dwarf plants, mosses, pebbles. This is what a Japanese garden is good for, in addition to its pacification, it can be realized even on a small or small plot. The thing is that in Japan there is very little space and landscape designers have adapted to place everything you need on a few square meters.

Japanese garden landscape
Japanese garden architecture
Japanese style garden

Chinese style: the basis of all Feng Shui philosophy.

Harmony reigns here, the interaction of nature and man. The line between natural and artificial is blurring. One of the main principles of the Chinese style is a harmonious combination of garden design with architectural elements: garden gazebos with a rounded roof, bridges curved above the water, as well as curly doorways are combined with the smooth lines of a landscape of nature..

Chinese style garden

Feng Shui philosophy plays a decisive role in Chinese culture, its naturalness, striving for perfection, ideal harmony of interaction between nature and man are embodied in the design of the garden plot. This garden is unique for its direct reflection of the uniqueness of the human soul.

Chinese style landscape design

In the Chinese garden, the elements are arranged in accordance with the cardinal points, and both shapes and colors should correspond. Red is preferable as a symbol of life. The site is divided into zones with mainly bamboo walls and hedges. Plants are represented by only a few species, no more.

Chinese style garden decoration

Baltic style

This design will suit those who are more inclined towards European designs. It is dominated by shades of blue, sand, gray, with the help of which you can feel like on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The paths are mainly of gray tiles, wicker furniture, light rattan. At the edges of the paths lawns with various grasses.

Baltic style

When choosing one or another design of a garden plot, and inviting specialists, or creating with your own hands, remember that the most important thing is love for nature, if you treat it with soul, then it will give you all the best. The unity of nature and man should be felt in every detail – from plants and architecture to the smallest pebble on your site.

Baltic style
Baltic style

Garden decoration

There is a wise parable about a Japanese gardener. One day he sent a student to clean up the territory for the arrival of guests. The student tried very hard and removed everything around. But when the teacher saw this, he was unhappy and said that it is not the way they clean the yard. And he took some beautiful leaves and scattered them in a chaotic manner. And I even threw one leaf into a stone spring. «This is how the leaves are harvested!». This parable perfectly reflects the essence of the design of the garden plot – naturalness and grace, that’s what we are talking about.

Garden decoration
Garden decoration

Another subtlety that will help create a beautiful garden area is a moderate amount of flowers and other plants. Many people mistakenly believe that more is better. But this will only be confusion. Beautiful landscape design is when the composition and shape are observed. It is important to correctly group the plants and combine them with each other..

Garden decoration
Garden decoration

You can also use lawn coverings. Cover with them all the space free from buildings, paths and plantings. This will radically change the look of your site. For a live lawn, fescue, ryegrass, bluegrass, and so on are suitable. But most of all emitting bent grass. It is a weed, but great for the lawn. It does not need to be mowed and it spreads on a soft carpet..

The lawn is the part that makes the style complete

Garden decoration

The lawn will decorate any space and make it sophisticated and simply beautiful

Lawn garden
Garden decoration

Or you can choose an artificial turf, it does not require any maintenance at all, and will delight you with its green cover all year round. Nowadays, they have learned to make such artificial lawns that are completely indistinguishable to the touch from natural.

Artificial turf is very similar to natural, only it is less whimsical

Artificial turf
Garden decoration

It is not always even possible to determine whether it is natural or artificial.

Artificial turf
Garden decoration

A mini-garden in a flowerbed looks very beautiful and impressive. For this, vegetables and flowers are planted mixed in one place. For example, in the center of such a flower bed there will be vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, pumpkin and others), and beautiful flowers in a circle from them (iris, nasturtium, periwinkle, freesia, forget-me-nots, etc.). But there can be more than flowers around the edges. For example, the very shape of the flower bed can be in the form of a star, in the center there are tomatoes or other vegetables, and plant herbs (dill, parsley, celery) instead of flowers at the edges in the rays of the star. Do not forget that the size of such beds should be small, otherwise it will be difficult to reach vegetables..

Mini flower beds
Garden decoration

Advice:  You can also make unusual beds in the form of a podium. That is, each line will be higher than the previous one and you get the effect of steps.

Podium beds
Garden decoration

One of the most original and incomparable tricks is the potential of climbing plants. They can hide anything, anywhere. They will look out of place almost everywhere. After all, there are a lot of not very nice little things in the country: some boxes that are a pity to throw away (suddenly come in handy) and have nowhere to hide, some scrap metal and other summer cottages «things». And if you do not know where to hide them, and they spoil the view, then disguise them with climbing plants. Thus, instead of it is not clear what and why you will get a very beautiful corner decorated with flowers. In the same way, you can hide an old shed, a basement roof, some unpainted fences or walls, and so on. In addition to all this, climbing plants are a wonderful decoration for gazebos, verandas, pergolas and so on..

There is nothing more tempting than an arch entwined with climbing plants

Arch with climbing plants
Garden decoration

Climbing Plants Will Decorate Anything, Anywhere

Climbing plants in the garden
Garden decoration

Most importantly, love nature and your garden, and they will respond in kind..

Garden decoration
Garden decoration

Good luck!

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