Symmetry in the interior

What is symmetry? Simply put, this is balance, the correspondence of certain parts or objects to each other..

Symmetry is one of the main criteria when creating classic interiors, consistent. Sometimes – even conservative.


To create symmetry, a well-proportioned rectangular room with centered door and window openings would be ideal. But since in real life such rooms are quite rare, in my opinion, it is worth discussing the irregular shape of the room.

But even if your room is not completely proportional, you need to try to find the center point in it. Based on this, it is worth placing first the most important and massive and interior items, and then secondary.

You can give the room balance using the mirroring effect – in relation to a certain axis, place similar or identical objects on the left and right sides. These can be tables, chairs, decor items, floor lamps, sconces, paintings and much more..

Designer column: Interior symmetry

Use vertical lines to make the room appear taller. It does not have to be a pattern – it is enough to use elongated rectangular furniture or lamps of the corresponding shape..

In order to maintain the correct balance, several elements with a horizontal direction must be introduced into such a room. You can experiment with textiles and images.

In creating a symmetrical room, you should not create stereotypes for yourself that all this is appropriate only for the classical style and in no case should this dogma be violated. Everything in this world is conditional. Even plastic chairs, correctly selected in shape and color, will not harm traditional decoration. Rather, they will add dynamism and originality..

In order for a symmetrical room to look normal, an element of asymmetry must be present in it. At least one – it will emphasize the liveliness of the room, its reality. After all, nothing absolutely ideal and symmetrical in nature simply does not exist..

Designer column: Interior symmetry

I think we need to adhere to this rule as well. Moreover, in an imperfect place, we instinctively feel better, because we ourselves are imperfect. But this is already from the category of psychology.

From all of the above, we can conclude that symmetry, which always looks attractive and correct, requires special treatment. Proper use of these simple tips will make your home more comfortable..

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