How to make a room brighter

A sunlit room is the perfect place to work on the interior. Nevertheless, not every room has such a wonderful property. Let’s look at the basic principles of light propagation and discuss the ways in which a room can be made brighter and, accordingly, visually more spacious..

1. Turn the room into «white cube»


Nothing expands rooms like blurry boundaries between planes. Paint the walls and floor white, put a light covering on the floor, and your room will turn into magic «white cube». Under a passing glance, its boundaries will be erased, and a look that does not find the contrasting points of contact of the walls with the ceiling and floor will perceive the space as much larger than it really is.

Let’s now list the materials that can help you bring this idea to life:

Floors – parquet-board, laminate, solid wood, parquet, cork (now they are already producing it with all kinds of surface designs), vinyl, self-leveling floors. Walls – paint, plaster, wallpaper, wall panels. Ceiling – paint.

2. Use the power of mirrors


A mirror has a huge impact on room illumination when applied correctly. Position the mirror so that it reflects the window and light-colored wall. This will double the effect and increase the amount of light in the room. It doesn’t matter what the size or shape of the mirror is – a huge full-length canvas or a small decor made of mirrored glass located at different angles. You need to see in the room its main pluses and advantages regarding lighting and, using a reflective object, increase their influence..

3. Use pastel colors


In poorly lit rooms, experimenting with color combinations can be very dangerous. This is why we strongly recommend avoiding all dark colors and grays. The property of surfaces to reflect each other will ultimately lead to the fact that the low degree of illumination of your room will only worsen. Combinations that could be very noble and interesting in a large, bright room run the risk of being stale and depressive in this kind of room..


When choosing materials, choose shades that are even lighter than you initially would like. Lack of lighting and brightness in the room will make the wallpaper visually darker than it seemed to you in the store with fluorescent lamps or bright sunlight..

4. Do not cover the windows

interior-bedroom-swedish-apartment-white-room-glass-window-small-apartment-interior-design-flower-vase-wooden-floor-bedside-table-bedside-lamps-blue-white-navy-pillow-aztec- suitcase-white-bedco1

The window in the apartment is the only source of daylight, and in a poorly lit room it is simply a crime to cover it. It is not necessary not to decorate the window at all. You can hang light, but thick curtains on either side of the window so that you can close them as needed. It is better not to hang the tulle at all, or to constantly move it closer to the curtains. This will create layering and the textiles on the windows will look even more interesting. With this design option, you should take care of the appearance of the window itself, the condition of the window sill and the battery..

There are so many design options for radiators, ranging from retro style to design innovations using the latest technology. Choose the one that best suits your interior or simply cover the existing one (if it is ugly) with a neat decorative grille.

5. Watch out for light reflection


As you know, light rays tend to be reflected. And the texture of the walls and surrounding objects greatly influences the degree of this reflection. For example, glossy surfaces reflect better than matte ones, and light ones are better than dark ones. A smooth surface is in this sense more beneficial than a rough texture. Remember that every object in the room, and especially the wall covering (because there is a very large area here), affects the surrounding objects and surfaces, and they, in turn, affect them. The more opportunities you provide for reflection, the brighter the room will appear..

For example, removing from the floor a large carpet with a high pile, you will almost double the illumination, and this can be checked using special devices. Think in advance what objects should surround you, and if your goal is to make the room brighter, first of all think about the texture and color of these objects. Plan it out, because without accurate calculations, you can end up with a lurid design and poor organization. And only planning will help you fix existing flaws..

By applying these simple techniques, you can significantly improve the illumination of your room. In this case, it is quite possible to apply all the advice regarding one room – after all, it is simply impossible to overdo it with daylight. But if suddenly it still turns out to be not enough, there is always artificial lighting, the decorative possibilities of which are so wide that at first glance, with the correct presentation, this drawback can be made the greatest advantage of your room. The main thing is not to despair or lament, but to accept the circumstances as they are, while firmly knowing that in the end everything will definitely turn out great. Happy repair!

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