The innovative SOFT Rocker garden chair from the University of Massachusetts students

Creative garden chair

The demands on garden furniture are increasing nowadays, so it becomes much more complex than in the past. A person is no longer happy when he is offered simply «another project», even if he is comfortable.

A bold fusion of space forms and modern technology

In addition, universal awareness of the state of the planet’s ecology forces us to develop and introduce new technologies into our lives. I am very pleased that the demand for alternative energy sources is growing daily.

Wonderful garden chair

Lovely garden chair

Today, your attention is presented to the model of the future – a large armchair-gadget, equipped with plates of solar panels, allowing you to easily charge smartphones and netbooks.

More popular than ever before among the younger generation is the use of designs similar to the SOFT Rocker that we found on the vast expanses of the Internet.

Delightful garden chair

Flexibility and practicality

Its flexible screen was designed by a team of MIT architecture students led by Professor Sheila Kennedy. The devices are recharged using photovoltaic panels attached to its top..

The battery of this invention can be charged for another 12 hours in a row after the twilight thickens..

The structure is made in the form of an aspen sheet with an ornate lower part. It is pleasing to the eye not only with its stylish and ergonomic design, but also provides sufficient protection from the sun’s rays. It is both aesthetically pleasing and practical..

Original garden chair

You can simply plug your laptop or tablet into a charger without the hassle of finding a power outlet, or add sparkle from its built-in fluorescent lighting for a campus party.

Beautiful and graceful views during the day and illumination at night – all this perfectly meets the requirements of sustainable style.

Wonderful garden chair

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