How to choose the right baby cot

When a young family is expecting a baby, there is a lot of trouble and things that need to be completed before the baby is born. This is buying clothes for a newborn, choosing a stroller, preparing a room for a baby, and, of course, buying a suitable crib that will serve from the very birth of a baby and, on average, until its third birthday. Therefore, we advise you to choose a bed for your baby very thoroughly. It is worth familiarizing yourself with all types of beds, the materials from which they are made, and a list of manufacturers that produce safe and certified furniture for children..

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How to choose the right baby cot

According to the age category, the beds are divided into three types:

  • from birth to 6 months – as a rule, these are cradle cots;
  • from 6 months to 3 years – this category includes playpens and rocking beds;
  • from 3 to 7 years old or older – the first large bed for a preschool child, this is more

adult age group of children, we will not consider this type of crib today, since this category already refers to standard beds.

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How to choose the right baby cot

According to the design principle, there are many varieties of beds, we will only talk about the most comfortable and practical types..


This is the simplest and most common type of bed, which is a flat bed with high bounding sides. The convenience of these beds lies in the fact that the baby is in a protected space, and if he toss and turn at night, he will not fall out of the crib.

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How to choose the right baby cot

In addition, playpen cribs usually have boxes at the bottom or a space at the bottom that can be used to store things that you rarely use or store for growth. After all, to get them, you need to pull out the entire bed and the bottom of the crib.

How to choose the right baby cot
How to choose the right baby cot


The second type is lullaby cots, which are as similar as possible to the old cradles in which babies were rocked many centuries ago. The cradles are oval in shape, with low sides and are compact in size, therefore they are suitable only for babies under the age of one year. Their base is placed either on wheels, or is placed on a floating base, which, according to the principle of a pendulum, swings left and right and, thus, rocks the baby..

How to choose the right baby cot
How to choose the right baby cot

Rocking bed

The third type is a rocking bed. From the name it is clear that such cribs are rock-sick, that is, they have an oval base, due to which they tilt to the right and then to the left. This is not always convenient, as the baby may not need motion sickness. And therefore, as a rule, parents buy such a crib as an addition, while having a basic, more practical one. But, at the same time, in expensive versions of rocking beds, the base can be changed to ordinary castors if you need it at a particular moment. And therefore – the convenience of a rocking bed is determined only by its cost – the higher the price, the more thought out the design of the crib.

How to choose the right baby cot
How to choose the right baby cot


The second classification of cots is based on the material from which they are made. Today, the most practical and popular beds are made from three types of materials: chipboard, plastic and metal.

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How to choose the right baby cot

Wooden cots

The original material for baby bassinets is wood. The most natural, clean and harmless raw materials for the manufacture of children’s furniture in general. It has no analogues in terms of naturalness. This material offers a wide range of possibilities in cradle design.

A prerequisite for the safety of the crib is the perfect sanding of all wooden elements and the subsequent use of harmless impregnation or varnish. After all, if the baby wants to gnaw the edges of the bed, and the children will definitely do this, he has not been poisoned by harmful chemicals. There is, of course, one important circumstance with wooden beds – their weight. They are the heaviest when compared to other beds..

How to choose the right baby cot
How to choose the right baby cot

Chipboard beds

This modern material, which has been presented on our market for several years, has many fans. This is not surprising, since chipboard beds are an affordable combination of price and quality. They are lightweight, practical and, if used correctly, are durable. The main enemy of chipboard is moisture and water; under their influence, plywood layers exfoliate and lose their shape. But in all other plans – such a crib is a very good purchase..

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How to choose the right baby cot

In addition, they are much cheaper than their wooden counterparts. When buying such a crib, you need to be careful with the quality of the material. The manufacturer must have certificates that confirm the safety of the materials from which the crib is made. Don’t forget to check them when purchasing.

Plastic cots

This type of crib is underestimated by the fear of toxic plastic. Although there are a couple of nuances with quality – it is best to choose a bed from well-known manufacturers with proven quality – such as Chicco, Graco, Fisher Price.

Plastic cribs have several advantages over other beds:

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How to choose the right baby cot

light weight – these beds are very light and mobile, do not require much effort when moving;
easy to assemble and disassemble, so it is convenient to take them with you on the road;
with good quality plastic, they serve for a long time and do not require special care.

How to choose the right baby cot

Metal cots

In the last decade, this material has become popular again. Nowadays, metal cots are extraordinarily beautiful, durable and practical. Let’s define a number of their advantages:

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How to choose the right baby cot
  1. durability – with high-quality metal, such a crib will last 10-20 years;
  2. corrosion resistance – modern cots are made of high-quality metal that does not rust after many years, in addition, unlike other materials, such cribs are not afraid of moisture;
  3. lightness – earlier such beds were heavy and bulky, now they are made of light and thin alloys, which allows such beds to be very practical and comfortable in everyday life

Remember a few important points when buying a metal crib:

quality of paint – only high-quality powder paints are used for painting, which are non-toxic and safe for children;
buy only from a trusted manufacturer – the service life of your crib directly depends on this.

How to choose the right baby cot
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How to choose the right baby cot

Summing up, it is worth noting that when choosing cribs, many parents are worried about the size of the crib, the depth of the crib wall and other indicators of ergonomics. But even more importantly, for what purpose you need a crib – for daytime sleep (the baby sleeps with you at night), for sleeping and playing, or for regular use, and if you travel often, you may need a mobile crib. It is based on these questions that you need to choose the right bed for your baby..

We wish you a happy shopping and a good sleep for your baby.!

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